Malbec Wine at Annies Wine Cottage Powell Ohio

Malbec is a lush, ripe wine with dark concentrated flavors.  It contains beautiful black fruit flavors and aromatics of spice and some floral notes at times.  There are different degrees of complexity in Malbec depending upon the winemaker and the region it is made in. Malbec grapes have relatively thin skins and have been found to grow well in a variety of soil compositions. They do their best in warmer climates with lots of exposure to sunlight and well irrigated soil.

Due to their thin skins, they can also be susceptible to forms of rot and damaging frost. To some extent, the best tasting Malbec’s are those which come from yields that have been controlled. Argentina has adopted Malbec as its national grape whereas the popularity and total plantings of Malbec in France has declined over the past century.  French Malbec can tend to make wine with a less fruit forward taste and move towards a green component, yet still retaining the black fruit found in the wines of Argentina.

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