One of our missions is to bring the community together for fun and discussion. Almost weekly we have wine tasting events.
Come and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. We’d love to have you visit.

New Items Tasting: Vanguard Wines

Saturday, January 26, 3-5pm

Pop in anytime on Saturday from 3-5pm and taste the new offerings from Vanguard Wines.  Our beloved Joan, whom a lot of you already know from past events will be here with 6 of her newest additions, which I can say from tasting them, are fabulous!  Cost to taste all is $20 and we’ll have some light munchies on hand to pair with the wines.  No reservations are needed, pay when you arrive.  See you Saturday!!

Blind Wine Tasting

Thursday, January 31, 6-8pm

Think you know your wines? Come test your palates and tasting skills as we taste 5 delicious wines from around the world – BLIND! Try to guess the varietal and region where it was made! There will be prizes for correct guesses. Come anytime between 6-8pm on January 31. Cost to participate is $20, no reservations needed, pay when you arrive.. As always, we’ll have some cheese and munchies on hand!

“Share A Bottle” Night:

Domestic Red Blends Under $30

Thursday, February 7, 7-9pm

Starting this first Thursday of February and every first Thursday of the month, we are starting a new tradition that will become one of your calendar ‘must do’s’ each month!  Here’s how it works:  the theme will be set each month (this month is Domestic Red Blends Under $30).  You come in, buy a bottle of wine that fits the theme and it’ll go on a community table to be shared with others who are also participating in the evening.  The more people that participate, the more wines everyone gets to try!  Everyone gets to taste something new and make friends too!  There’s no cost to participate other than the bottle of wine you buy to contribute to the evening…your first Thursdays of each month just got a lot more fun!!!

Annie’s Wine College: Israel

Wednesday, March 6,  7:00pm – 9:00pm

Yes you read that right…Israel!  Israel’s wine and wineries have developed hugely over the past decade into a world-class network of wineries stretching across the country. Israel has recently become a major center on the world wine-making map with more than 200 wineries scattered across the country, from the Tuscan-like Galilee in northern Israel to the more barren Negev Desert. Some of Israel’s wineries are very historic, have playing an important part in the formation of the State, while others are newer, boutique enterprises set up by passionate Israelis from all kinds of backgrounds.  Cost is $50 and includes light food pairings.  Join us this Ash Wednesday as we taste through some amazing wines!  

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